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Updated: Feb 26

In the last complete year prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2019, when restaurants operated at normal production, the global market size for new kitchen equipment was valued at an astounding 100.05 million Canadian dollars.


When the pandemic subsides and culinary business returns to normal, that number is expected to increase every year. It's a giant market, which means there is an extensive amount of kitchen machinery being used and produced. That raises questions regarding the machinery in your kitchen, notably the replace vs. repair dilemma. How do you know if your machinery is repairable or in need of replacement? Keep reading to find out!


Replace vs. Repair

Making this determination isn't too difficult. Just consider the following elements.



You know how the old adage goes. Safety first. It should always be the top priority in your kitchen.

If a piece of equipment is functioning in a manner that makes it susceptible to causing burns, shocks, or any other injury, it's probably time to replace it altogether.



Age is a hard factor to work with, as different equipment has different lifespans. However, as a rule of thumb, if the machine is over ten years old, it's probably time to acquire new kitchen equipment.


Performance and Efficiency

General wear from repeated use will start to diminish the performance of the equipment over time. Things like power surges and rust accumulation facilitate the degradation of machinery over time even further.

It should be noted that sometimes a decision stems from a utility bill rather than the equipment itself. This is the efficiency component. If an older machine is requiring excessive amounts of electric power, thus sending your bill through the roof, then an outright replacement with more efficient new kitchen equipment might be the move.


Rule of Half

In the event a piece of equipment experiences a major issue, weigh how much a repair would cost in comparison to a total replacement. If the repair is going to cost at least half of what it would cost to replace the item, you should probably upgrade to new kitchen equipment.


Repair Service

Now that you've determined whether you need repairs or replacement, it's time to think about the next steps.


With replacements, it's easy. There are many excellent manufacturers of new kitchen equipment for any kitchen equipment budget.


If you're not in need of replacements, however, then a repair is right for you. With repairs, it's extremely important to find a company that will do excellent work.


If you are needing commercial restaurant equipment repair in Calgary, Vancouver Island, the Northwest Territories, Canada, look no further than LDI Service Group.


Getting Started

LDI Service Group has been exceeding customers' expectations since 1991, with 24/7 availability and remarkable service that includes fixing kitchen products.


LDI can even help your decision-making when it comes to replace vs. repair. True professionals who prioritize craftsmanship, the LDI team can spruce up your kitchen in no time!


Contact us to get started revamping your kitchen today!


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