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Commercial Kitchen equipement Maintenance program in Calgary

For commercial kitchen business owners, issues with kitchen equipment and tools can cause more than just a headache. A breakdown of even one appliance can devastate your entire business revenue. Luckily, with LDI Technical Services Ltd, help is just a call away. We are available 24 hours a day to deliver emergency repairs because we believe downtime means lost revenue for your business. To further ensure your kitchen equipment functions at an optimum level, LDI Technical Services Ltd offers planned maintenance (PM) programs which can be custom-tailored to your unique operational needs. Our routine commercial kitchen equipment maintenance in Calgary ensures that your kitchen stays fully functional and your pieces of equipment are running at peak performance. As part of our program, our staff will help you to decide whether to replace or repair your equipment.


Having been in this business since 1991, our technicians have proper know-how on how to prolong the lifespan of your kitchen equipment. Your equipment is key to your business success.


Contact Us today to know more about our planned commercial kitchen equipment maintenance in Calgary or to book one for your business.

Priority Service, Expert Maintenance

Planned maintenance programs can be set up to be monthly, bi-annual, or annual, depending on the needs of your business and equipment. We can even customize a plan to suit your particular business maintenance and repair needs. Customers enrolled in our planned maintenance program also receive priority service, fewer service calls, and less downtime.

 To enrol in a planned commercial kitchen equipment maintenance in Calgary or to customize a program for your business, submit the request form.


A maintenance program from LDI Technical Services Ltd will ensure your operation is running smoothly with minimum downtime. Thus, allowing your staff to focus on production while we ensure your equipment is performing at optimal condition.


contact LDI Service Group today!

CFESA Preventative Maintenance Checklist

According to the Commercial Food Equipment Service Association, CFESA, scheduled cleaning and preventive maintenance on critical kitchen equipment will minimize utility consumption, prolong equipment life and give optimum performance.

General Things to Look For:

  • Are hinges, handles, knobs, grates, etc., all in good condition?
  • Does the gas-fired equipment burn a steady blue flame?
  • Are motors noisy or don't turn at all?
  • Are temperatures with +/-5 degrees of the desired setting?
  • Are door gaskets worn or torn?
  • Is water feed equipment de-limed periodically?
  • Is the hood system operating?
  • Are the hood filters clean?
  • Is the fire suppression system operational?
  • Has the fire suppression system been inspected recently?
  • Are all utilities confirmed on and resets checked?
  • When a technician diagnoses your equipment, take the time to be shown the problem and cause.

General Things to Avoid:

  • Hosing down equipment
  • Neglecting filter changes
  • Improper application or use
  • Operating equipment with frayed, burnt power cords or exposed wiring
  • Operating any equipment without knowing proper operation & use as outlined in the owner's manual

Combi Oven and other Cooking Equipment Planned Maintenance

Combi Oven

For combi oven it is important that you:

  • Flush steam generator once per day
  • Keep door gaskets clean and wash with warm soapy water
  • De-lime broiler monthly according to manufacturer guidelines and water conditions
  • Check for leaks quarterly


During your maintenance visit, our technicians will:

  • Check water management system and supply lines for leaks
  • Check for water leaks in the mechanical area from hoses/solenoids
  • Check all motors and pumps
  • Check drains for proper slope
  • Check boiler and heat exchanger for scale build-up
  • Check and adjust door hardware
  • Check door gaskets for wear
  • Check error history and note errors
  • Update software to the latest version if applicable
  • Inspect air filters



Make sure you empty the troughs on a daily basis


Our technician will:

  • Check the power cord and plug
  • Check for excessive wear
  • Check for proper pilot light burning
  • Check that burners have a blue flame
  • Check that thermostats across griddle measures 350 degrees with thermostat
  • Clean griddles at about 150 degrees F to 175 degrees F.



Make sure you:

  • Do not start fryer without oil
  • Keep water away from frying unit
  • Perform weekly boil out of fry tank according to manufacturer's guidelines

Our technician will:

  • Check all areas for gas leaks
  • Check all areas for grease leaks
  • Keep control compartment clean and free of grease build-up
  • Check that the pilot light is lit and holds
  • Check operation and condition of burners
  • Check castors
  • Check thermostat and hi-limit probes for leaks
  • Check that flue is open and clean



Make sure you:

  • Drain broiler or reservoir after each day's use to prevent scale build-up
  • Clean with soapy water only


Our technician will:

  • Check filtration system is clear
  • Check door gaskets and latches for a tight fit
  • Check that water is running out of drain properluy if applicable
  • Check that timer turns on and off properly
  • De-lime as directed by manufacturer's directions and water conditions and change anodes with each de-lime
  • Check for leaks quarterly



Make sure you:

  • Do not run without anything in it
  • Use only microwave cookware


Our technician will:

  • Check absorbers and seals on doors to avoid leaks

Oven, Range, & Char Broiler Planned Maintenance


During your maintenance visit, our technicians will:

  • Check that the rear flue is on the range
  • Clean with soap and water using a cloth, sponge or fibre brush
  • Inspect burners for cracks
  • Check that the burner valves are greased
  • Check that the burner ports are clear and open
  • Check that oven racks are level
  • Check that the oven door closes tightly
  • Check that gas cocks turn smoothly


Convection Ovens

Make sure the flue is free of all obstructions when the oven is in operation


During your maintenance visit, our technicians will:

  • Check that the snorkel tube is not blocked
  • Inspect blower wheel for any obstructions
  • Check door openings and closing for proper alignment and seal
  • Check that temperature is within 15 degrees of 350.
  • Verify cooldown is operational with the door open and closed
  • Clean door gaskets and oven interior daily using warm soapy water
  • Gas units on casters must have a restraining device to prevent gas line breaks


Char Broilers

Make sure you replace elements and grates twice annually


During your maintenance visit, our technicians will:

  • Check for proper ventilation
  • Clean grease troughs daily
  • Clean exterior surfaces daily
  • Burn off grates by placing on broiler face down
  • Keep air shutters clean
  • Keep pilots clean

Planned Maintenance for Other Commercial Kitchen Equipment

During your maintenance visit, our technicians will:



  • Check the power cord and plug
  • Check for excessive wear
  • Check for tight belts
  • Check for vibration or noise
  • Check lubrication per manufacturer's specifications


Garbage Disposal

  • Check to see if hoses and neckpieces are in place
  • Check for tight belts
  • Check for water leakage
  • Check for excessive wear
  • Check operation of controls
  • Check for proper amperage draw
  • Check for proper water flow when on
  • Check for vibration or noise



  • Check for lime build-up inside
  • Check that doors open easily
  • Check for leaks
  • Check that scrap try is in place and clean
  • Check that the pump intake screen is in place
  • Check that drain opens and closes easily
  • Check that autofill works and shuts off
  • Check that the incoming temperature of the water is at least 180 degrees F
  • Check the wash and rinse arms and nozzles for cleanliness
  • When on automatic, check that dishwasher starts when the door is closed
  • Check for proper chemical performance
  • Check that timed/manual operation is working properly
  • Check for automatic shutdown after _____ seconds

Refrigeration Equipment Planned Maintenance

*We only carry out refrigeration equipment maintenance in our Calgary location.

During your maintenance visit, our technicians will:


Before the maintenance

  • Maintain temperature logs, "open-shift change-close" daily, and unusual patterns observed allow scheduling service prior to product loss emergencies.
  • Keep evaporator coils (cold air) and condenser coils (warm air) clean. Never obstruct the airflow of fans.
  • Never place un-refrigerated or heated products in "designed for storage" equipment; use ice baths or blast chill/freeze equipment.
  • Do not overstock storage units with a product; air should move freely around all items, especially sides and bottom. Cold pans should never be greater than 2/3 full (no mounding); keep pans in place constantly (1 out/1 in).
  • Before placing a service call, check that power is on and observe the temperature pattern for one hour to avoid false alarms (check resets).
  • All evaporator coils should be free of ice by visual inspection at all times.
  • All door gaskets should seal from outside air completely. Gaps will have a significant impact on performance. Cold pans should sit flush in place, with no bent corners.


During your maintenance visit, our technicians will:

  • Check general operation
  • Blowdown coils
  • Inspect compressors
  • Check sight glass for refrigerant levels
  • Test pressures
  • Check temperature
  • Check all hinges and latches
  • Inspect all door gaskets

Benefits of Planned Maintenance

This program has been developed to keep your machines and kitchen equipment in good shape to avoid any sudden and unprecedented breakdowns. The program follows the "prevention is better than cure" approach and aims to correct any faults that might have occurred in your machine before they become problematic. The benefits include:

  • Performance optimization - making sure the equipment is operating correctly and safely
  • Confirm door gaskets on refrigeration systems - torn or missing gaskets can cause energy loss and cause the unit to work inefficiently
  • Identifying if pilots not working properly and are leaking gas
  • Cleaning condensers to allow more efficient operation of refrigeration systems and save energy
  • Provide you with warning signs on your foodservice equipment to help avoid major breakdowns and costly repairs
  • Allow you to monitor the condition of your equipment to help budget for future replacement

What to Avoid During a Maintenance

While maintenance is in progress, the following must be avoided:

  • Hosing down equipment
  • Neglecting filter changes
  • Improper application or use
  • Operating equipment with frayed, burnt power cords or exposed wiring
  • Operating any equipment without knowing proper operation & use as
    outlined in the owner's manual

Planned Maintenance Program With LDI

Planned maintenance (PM) is a scheduled service visit carried out by LDI. It is conducted to keep equipment operating correctly and safely to help extend the equipment's life by taking preventative measures before the fault occurs. This also allows you to monitor the condition of your equipment to help budget for future replacement and aligns with warranty requirements. We provide you with warning signs on your foodservice equipment to help avoid major breakdowns and costly repairs. Planned Maintenance can be arranged through our office and scheduled according to your needs and requirements.


As part of the program, LDI checks door gaskets on refrigeration systems to ensure they are not torn or missing. These issues can cause energy loss and cause the unit to work inefficiently. Pilots are checked to make sure they are working properly and not leaking gas. Condensers are cleaned, which will allow more efficient operation of refrigeration systems. Equipment will be checked over, and the technician will provide a report at the end of the service, which will outline any issues found with the equipment and give you the opportunity to plan repairs if necessary and distribute costs more effectively.


Setting Up a Planned Maintenance Program

The program can be scheduled at your convenience. To schedule one, all you need to do is contact us and provide us with a list of equipment present in your kitchen. We will take it from there: provide you with preliminary costs, the recommended frequency required to maintain your equipment and schedule an appointment with you to execute your program accordingly.


Very Informative

Tech was a great help and very informative. We will use their services in the future for sure.

- Rachelle D.

Local Guide

Efficient and Friendly Service

Really happy with LDI’s service, especially technician Greg! Very efficient and friendly service. LDI will be on my calling list.

- Nina J.

Clean and Fast Work

Greg came this morning right on time and was able to find the problem. Thanks to him and LDI our gas powered oven is working again.

Clean and fast work - and he was able to make our kitchen staff very happy as they could start to prepare lunch for our customers at the Kaffee Stube, Edelweiss Village.

- Volker B.

Very Professional and Polite Staff

These guys are great! I needed help with my commercial dishwasher and they were very professional and polite.

- Awad A.

Left a Lasting Impression

Super helpful, went above and beyond to fix something that wasn't even on his work order. Adam was super professional and understood how customer service can leave a lasting impression!

- Jane B.

Highly Recommended

Very professional and reliable. Highly recommended for pizza restaurant equipment maintenance.

- Swan Pizza Calgary

I Wish I could Give Them 10 Stars

Fantastic people here, my personal star at this place is Corrine, she saved me so much headache and wasted time. I'm a service tech, I needed a temperature control switch for a food warmer in a restaurant I was servicing yesterday, and I was having a hard time getting anywhere with finding the unit I needed. All the suppliers I'd called were unable to help look up the part because I had no model number. I called LDI and Corrine took my call. I sent her a couple not so great pictures of the unit and she said she would see what she could do. I went on for a couple of hours, not expecting to hear back from anyone due to no model number. Corrine calls me back, to my surprise, and says she had located something that should work and quoted me an excellent price on the unit. When I picked up the unit it wasn't only a close match to the one I needed - it was exactly the model of switch i was replacing. I could have almost fallen over, I couldn't believe it. And the other ladies in the office were also great; the one who actually served me was practically jogging around the place to help me get going faster.

If I could give these people 10 stars I would. Thank You Corrine, you're amazing.

- J Anthony B.

5 Out of 5!

My main piece of equipment broke at my busiest time of year. It isn’t a common piece of equipment and the manufacturers were not able to tell me what the issue could be. Luc came out and was able to troubleshoot and fix the issue for me within a short time. I am more than grateful and happy with his expertise, professionalism and patience especially because this wasn’t a common piece of equipment or a known problem with the machine. 5 out of 5 most definitely!!

- Natalie T.

Excellent Customer Service

I have been very impressed with the excellent customer service I have received from LDI as we moved into our new commercial kitchen. The team in the office are very pleasant and efficient in setting up appointment times and the start-up technician we met onsite was excellent and very thorough in explaining how to use our new combi oven and blast chiller. I was even more impressed with the excellent and very responsive service I received when having questions about our new dishwasher. I really appreciate LDI's enthusiasm to solve a problem and create a solution. It has been a pleasure working with LDI and I will definitely be recommending them. Thank you!

- J’Val S.

They Always Get the Job Done Right

Have been using LDI for several years now and they’re great! They know their stuff and when I drop off anything for repair, I know it’ll get done right. The ladies at the front are always friendly and helpful and I’ve never had a bad experience. That’s saying a lot considering I frequent this establishment at least a dozen times a year.

- Serina M.

Knowledgeable Technicians

We have used LDI since 2003 for servicing our Kitchen Equipment. Their office staff is always professional in how they deal with our calls, they have very knowledgeable technicians. Their quotes always come in on budget and they stand behind their work!

- Derek D.

My Go-To Guys

I called and wanted to get a quote to fix the walk in fridge. I have zero experience with this stuff as I just started a new job. Anyways the woman who answered the phone explained to me that it's not very accurate for them to give quotes over the phone as they don't always get the full story. Anyways she talked me through how they price their quotes out and we scheduled a tech to come out, and why they price it the way they do. I was able to take that info to my boss and answer his questions about pricing. You made me feel like I knew what I was doing, you are awesome! Thanks for fixing our fridge! You guys are my go to!

- Arianna A.

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