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Commercial kitchen parts and repairs - Calgary

FAQs About LDI Technical Services Ltd.

Whether you are a new or returning customer, you may have questions about LDI Technical Services Ltd.’s services and charges. Please read the answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs) below to help clarify things or contact us.

  • Building up of frost:
    Sometimes, issues with the electronic components or fan of a refrigeration system can result in the build-up of frost. If you notice frost building up around the elevator coil, call for professional assistance.
  • Fluctuations in temperature:
    Temperature fluctuations can result from several factors, including but not limited to damaged sensors, defective fans, dirty coils, and malfunctioning compressors. If there are noticeable temperature fluctuations, seek our help.
  • Odd odors:
    Spoiled or rotting food is often the primary cause of bad odors in a refrigerator. But if you notice no such thing and your refrigerator is still causing a foul smell, it may be time to call for repair services.
  • Weird noises:
    Refrigerators are not supposed to make loud or strange noises. If your system has been making unusual sounds, attend to the issue immediately before it leads to a severe problem that cannot be treated with repairs.
  • Leakage of water:
    Water leakage may seem like a simple problem that can be fixed easily, but sometimes it may result from bigger issues like frozen water lines, clogged defrost drains, worn-out seals, and more. Call for professional repair services before the problem aggravates.
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