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About LDI Technical Services Ltd.

Do you like to run your restaurant with the best kitchen equipment and ensure it stays at its best?  LDI Service Group has been the company to call for kitchen equipment parts, maintenance, and repairs since 1991. Commercial kitchens are the heart of the food service industry, and a professional design and installation will make your heartbeat properly. We provide quality and professional commercial kitchen installation services that can suit your requirements as well as your budgets. Our unique installation capabilities, planned maintenance and 24-hour emergency repair services* let us provide excellent support throughout the Canadian market, including Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver Island. LDI Service Group is a truly 100% Canadian-established company and you can take advantage of our services offered for your restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, senior facilities, educational institutions and much more. Come and visit us for reliable commercial kitchen service and repair.

*If after hour service required must call your branch by phone.

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A Truly Canadian Company

We are proud to say LDI Service Group is a truly Canadian company. The owner of our family business is Calgary born and raised.


​Through the long-standing support of restaurants, grocery chains, national franchises, universities, and institutions, we are all well-positioned to be Alberta's and Vancouver island's top provider of food equipment services.

LDI Technical Services Ltd.

From Humble Beginnings...

Initially, our company was staffed by three electricians who performed a mix of oilfield work and kitchen equipment repairs. Eventually, we partnered with a plumbing company to help us out with gas and steam repairs. Over the years, our technicians became factory-trained to service and repair every piece of equipment found in a commercial kitchen. This includes in-depth knowledge of the electrical, steam, gas, and refrigeration issues that affect a majority of food production processes.

What The Initials ‘LDI’ Represent

In West-Central Saskatchewan, there is a lake named Lac Des Iles. Our family visited this lake during many summers, and we loved it so much we decided to pay homage to it in our company’s name.


What We Value Most: Knowledge, Experience, Customer Service, Integrity

LDI Service Group is committed to providing exceptional customer service. Take a look at the core values we live by below:

  • Knowledge: It helps people to gain insights, generate new ideas, make decisions and take important actions.

  • Experience: Experience matters. An experienced individual tends to look at the big picture, anticipate the future, and understand the goal.

  • Passion: Passion produces excellence which gives satisfaction in what we do!

  • Integrity: being real and upholding the highest standards of integrity in all our actions.

  • Customer Service: When you call in for service, you get a live person, not a recording. We pride ourselves on being local and knowing our products. We will get you the information you need to answer your specific questions.


From griddles to garburators and broilers to blenders, LDI Technical Services Ltd is here for all your restaurant equipment needs — call us today!


They Always Go That Extra Mile

Always provide amazing service. They are there when you need them no matter what. Brian provides amazing service and always goes the extra mile.

-Breanne E.

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