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Updated: Mar 12

Did you know that the average appliance lasts only 10 years? Despite the short shelf-life, many business owners are failing to maintain their appliances.

Given how expensive appliances are, it is unwise to neglect your commercial refrigeration systems. Without preventative maintenance, your systems are likely to fail much faster.

There are many benefits to scheduling routine maintenance on commercial refrigeration. Read on to learn four benefits of commercial refrigeration maintenance. Explore topics such as maintenance tips and why you should bring in a service technician to work on your commercial kitchens.

1. Save Electricity

Electricity prices are soaring in Canada. On average, energy costs are expected to increase by roughly 100% this winter.

The appliances in commercial kitchens need routine maintenance to remain efficient. Without regular service, units slowly become less efficient and need to use more power. This is going to drive up your energy needs and increase monthly costs.

2. Extend Service Life

Another benefit is to extend your unit's service life. Naturally, an unchecked system is going to fail sooner.

Without a professional evaluation, problems are left undiagnosed. They cannot be repaired preemptively unless a service technician is routinely inspecting your unit.

3. Decreased Costs

There is a significant positive return on investment with routine appliance maintenance. While you are going to pay a small amount for preventative maintenance, it pays for itself in short order.

For starters, your technician is going to diagnose potentially expensive issues before they occur. Instead of replacing a failed part or paying for a costly repair, the issue is addressed early.

The last thing a business wants to hear is that their refrigeration unit is beyond repair. This means they will have to dole out tens of thousands to replace their unit. Extended service life through preventative maintenance pushes this enormous replacement cost back.

4. Quality and Safety of Product

Of course, keeping your energy and repair bills low is important. Yet, you cannot maintain a successful business without high-quality and safe products.

A working refrigeration system keeps your perishable items in a safe condition. Your produce and dairy items are going to last a lot longer. Your appliance's climate control will keep expensive meats at the optimal temperature.

An inefficient or failed unit can cause serious issues for your customer base. If sensitive meat like pork goes bad in the refrigerator, your clients are vulnerable to food poisoning.

You can also incur significant expenses if your food inventory rots in the refrigerator. This means discarding your inventory without a sale and necessitating a replacement buy.

Four Benefits of Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

You now understand how important it is to service your commercial refrigeration systems. It is imperative to reduce energy and repair bills. Preventative maintenance also helps prevent costly system failure.

An efficient unit also helps you maintain high-quality and safety standards for your product. For many, these benefits leave them interested in commercial refrigeration maintenance. If this applies to you, contact us today to schedule an appointment with LDI Commercial Kitchen Services.



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