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Updated: Feb 26

The deep fryer is a crucial part of any commercial kitchen and if not working properly, it can halt production. While commercial kitchen equipment is more complicated than a small kitchen appliance like an air fryer, it's possible to figure out the issue by checking various parts of the fryer.

Here are some of the most common mechanical issues that could cause a deep fryer to malfunction. If these things do not resolve the problem, you can reach out to a company that specializes in commercial kitchen equipment maintenance in Calgary. Keep reading to learn more.


First Things First

Before you even open, it's a good idea to prepare your equipment. Proper maintenance and cleaning will go a long way in preventing issues.


If you find yourself with a deep fryer that isn't working, think about the simplest issues first. It may seem like a no-brainer but check the power cord first. Of course, it's probably plugged in, but if the cord is damaged, that could be what's causing your problem.


If your power cord is undamaged, check the control panel where the temperature and other settings are adjusted. If nothing is lighting up, the problem is with your control panel. You can consult your user's manual for possible fixes or contact a company that specializes in working with commercial kitchen equipment.


The Pilot Light

The pilot light for your deep fryer is what brings the heat, so make sure it's lit. If the pilot light does not remain lit, your problem could be with the high-limit switch. This switch monitors the fryer temperature and communicates that to the thermostat, which will adjust the heating element as needed.


The heating element, otherwise known as the thermopile, is a part of the pilot light. If the pilot light will not come on or stay lit, the most common problem is a broken thermopile. An experienced company like LDI Service Group can replace the broken thermopile.


Broken Thermostat

When food is immersed in hot oil, it is cooked evenly on all sides with a continuous convection current. The deep fryer's thermostat ensures the oil temperature remains at an optimal temperature. Temperatures that are too high give food an excessively crispy layer on the outside.


A faulty thermostat may need recalibration or have disconnected wires. If resolving these issues does not fix the problem, it is safest to allow a trained technician to replace the thermostat for you.


Blocked Burners

Check the burners to see if there is a build-up of grease and food in the burners. When the burners get clogged or blocked, they will not heat up properly. Use a stiff brush over the burner's orifices to clear all the grease and debris.


If the burner flames are still inconsistent, the issue could be with pressure in the gas lines. You should never try to fix your gas lines yourself. Call a qualified service.


Commercial Kitchen Equipment Maintenance in Calgary

The success of your kitchen depends on the equipment that functions as it should. Checking the most common reasons for a deep fryer can help you assess the problem quickly, get the help you need, and get things up and running again.


When you find yourself with equipment that needs professional attention, we are here to help!

A qualified and experienced company like LDI Service Group can provide top-notch service, repairs, and commercial kitchen equipment maintenance in Calgary. We service Vancouver Island, Alberta, and the Northwest Territories.


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