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Commercial oven, range, and broiler repair AND MAINTENANCE calgary

In the food and beverage industry, your restaurant or outlet is only as good as the last meal you served. When your equipment underperforms, it affects your business to a great extent. That's why you need to have a partner for your commercial cooking equipment repair when your machines are damaged or broken down. LDI Technical Services Ltd can help you with the smooth operation of your kitchen appliances as we offer commercial oven, range and broiler repair and maintenance services in Calgary.  



Common Issues with Ovens, Stoves, Ranges and Broilers 

The professionals at LDI Technical Services Ltd. are well equipped to handle any type of problem associated with your kitchen appliance, such as these: 

- The oven temperature is not hot enough due to a faulty thermostat. 
- Unevenly cooked food. 
- Pilot light not staying lit due to a faulty thermocouple or safety valve 
- Appliance timer not advancing 
- Equipment doesn't heat when broiling 
- The appliance control board doesn't program 
- The range is not baking properly 
- The electric range doesn't start right away. 
- Cooktop elements don't heat​ 
If you are dealing with any of these issues or have any other concerns, trust our technicians to diagnose and repair your commercial stove, range and broiler efficiently and professionally. Call us before your commercial kitchen equipment is out of commission.  

Commercial Cooking Equipment Maintenance 

LDI Technical Services Ltd offers efficient commercial kitchen equipment repair services in Calgary with care. However, we also recommend ways to keep your cooking appliance in better working condition to minimize future repair calls. If just one piece of equipment gets dysfunctional, it could hinder your restaurant or staff's ability to produce good quality food. With regular preventive maintenance programs, you can keep your machines in top shape and reduce the risk of running into a surprise breakdown. 

Our team can help you with the following: 


- Prevent costly and inconvenient breakdowns 
- Improve the longevity of your equipment. 
- Amplify the efficiency of appliances with proper cleaning and maintenance techniques. 
- Maintain a cleaner and healthier kitchen. 
All of our preventive maintenance programs are customized to your schedule, budget, and the specific needs of your commercial kitchen in Calgary. 

why choose us?

At LDI Technical Services Ltd, we are proud to serve Calgary for over 20 years. We are local commercial cooking equipment repair, maintenance, and replacement specialists who believe in treating our customers with kindness and respect. But this is not all, let us give you more reasons as listed below to try our services. 

- Highly qualified and trained technicians 
- Workmanship and parts warrantied 
- Upfront pricing 
- 24/7 Emergency Services 
- Service on schedule 
- Special offers and discounts are available  
Contact us today at 1-866-299-9591 or schedule a commercial service appointment to get started. 

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We can get your restaurant back to serving amazing food and drinks.

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