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For 24-hour emergency service, please contact your branch by phone.

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Quick Commercial Coffee Machine Repair Services in Calgary

If you run a restaurant, you don't need us to tell you how important it is for all your equipment to keep running in good condition and maximum efficiency. You are aware of the consequences when equipment malfunctions. It can lead to delays in orders and affects the quality of your signature brew and food. We at LDI Technical Services can help you get your machines up and running quickly.

Our skilled technicians perform all kinds of commercial kitchen repairs, including beverage dispensers and commercial coffee machine repair in Calgary. We provide 24-hour emergency service*. Regardless of the brand of your piece of equipment, we can repair them at affordable rates.

Our services will not only get malfunctioning machines back to running but will also make sure that all your dispensers, blenders and grinders work at optimum capacity. We work with several trusted brands and a team of highly skilled and dedicated individuals who will make sure that you are satisfied and that your business operations are not impacted for too long by a machine that has unexpectedly stopped working.

*If after hour service required must call your branch by phone

LDI Technical Services Ltd.

Beverage and Food Preparation Equipment Services

Got a new commercial coffee machine or beverage dispenser? We can install it for you while ensuring that you do not lose the warranty that comes with it. Our skilled technicians at LDI Technical Services will also teach you the right way to use the machine for maximum efficacy.


If one or more of your pieces of equipment has stopped working, contact us immediately, we will come out to help you get back in business. We have customized tools for dispensers, baking equipment and more. We repair all brands and cater to all restaurants, cafes and bars.


Spare Parts
While the entire piece of equipment needs to be replaced in some cases, in others, only a few parts may need to be replaced to get them up and running. We carry parts for all the top brands and can help you install them.

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Planned Maintenance Programs

In addition to providing commercial coffee machine repair in Calgary, we also offer Planned Maintenance Programs for commercial beverage equipment and Food Preparation Equipment to prevent emergency repairs.

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Making You Self-Reliant

Sometimes you do not need anyone to make sure that your business is running smoothly; we understand and respect that. We host a range of parts that you can purchase and install yourself. These parts and some instructions from our experienced technicians are all you will need to fix your machines on your own.


​At LDI Technical Services Ltd, you'll find thousands of branded spare parts for coffee makers, beer dispensers, coffee grinders and every other kind of beverage dispenser. You can also buy spare parts for frequently used devices, enabling you to repair on the spot and avoid losses.

LDI Technical Services Ltd.

Why Choose Us

We are the perfect choice for repairing your food and beverage equipment. Our experience of offering a range of parts and services to the entire food industry by factory-trained technicians ensures we can repair technologically advanced machines with ease. Besides providing commercial coffee machine repair in Calgary, we also service Edmonton and Victoria.


Our focus is always on customer satisfaction, and we don't mark the job as completed until and unless you are satisfied. If you need us to, we will also happily come back for a second visit and ensure that your machine runs well. Thus, it is safe to say that our relationship does not end once we walk out of your premises. For us, you are more than just a customer.

LDI Technical Services Ltd.

Broken Beverage Dispenser?

If you need any repairs to your commercial kitchen equipment, you can trust our experienced technicians to help you.

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